Wildlife Wednesday 11/26/2014


San Juan Island harbor seal

While visiting the San Juan Islands with my family during the summer of 2012 we met Popeye.  Popeye is a resident harbor seal living in the waters near Friday Harbor close to the docks by the ferry landing.  If you visit the seafood market at the Port of Friday Harbor you can buy Popeye a treat, and she will even wave hello!  The harbor seal seems to have had an accident resulting in cloudiness in her left eye; presumably giving her the name “Popeye.”


One thought on “Wildlife Wednesday 11/26/2014

  1. Since 1995, Popeye has been a frequent visitor to Friday Harbor. Her visits became so common that in 2005, the Port of Friday Harbor named her the port’s official seal. A granite sculpture of Popeye was also commissioned and stands in Fairweather Park, adjacent to the marina.
    It was an honor to meet Popeye in person.


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