Volunteer Trail Repair with the WTA at the Poo Poo Point Section Line Trail


A repaired trail dip along the Section Line Trail

Hiking on the trails in WA state is one of my favorite things to do.  I owe many thanks to all the volunteers who help maintain and keep those trails safe throughout the year.  This is one of the many reasons my husband and I decided to join the WTA work party in repairing a section of trail on West Tiger Mountain, an area we often enjoy hiking together.  The day started with temperatures just below freezing, leaving a sheet of ice on the windshield and a dense fog in the air.  We arrived at the parking lot near the trail-head for the Tiger Mountain Trail just in time to join the carpool.  The group caravan followed the power lines driving up the service road, parking at the trail-head for the Section Line Trail.  After hearing the safety guidelines and learning about the tools we would be using, we gathered our materials and began hiking up towards Poo Point.  We split up into smaller groups, at which point our group became responsible for repairing the middle section of the Section Line Trail.


A repaired ditch along the Section Line Trail

My husband and I mostly focused on repairing trail dips and ditches to allow rain water and snow melt to flow away from the trail.  We rested during small breaks throughout our day as needed enjoying small sugary snacks provided by our trail leader.  We took delight in a much welcomed lunch break until we realized how frigid the air was.  Soon we went back to repairing the trail welcoming the warmth we gained from the labor of repairing ditches.  Even though it was a full day of hard work, it was worth the conversation with new friends sharing hiking and backpacking stories.  I also took pleasure in hearing about all of the hours my new companions had spent over the years helping the WTA  through work parties, volunteer vacations, and back country response teams.


Working on repairing on of the ditches along the Section Line trail

As the sun made it’s way towards the horizon, we gathered our seemingly much heavier tools and made our way towards the trail-head.  According to our work party leader, the entire work party cleaned 44 drain dips, 450 ft. of ditch and one culvert and also replaced a water bar and brushed 75 ft. of the trail.  As we cleaned the tools and returned them to the service vehicle, our day ended with the warmth of hot cocoa and cider paired with tasty cookies.  I can’t wait to join the WTA for more volunteer opportunities and the chance to have my very own customized hard hat!

3 thoughts on “Volunteer Trail Repair with the WTA at the Poo Poo Point Section Line Trail

  1. What a awesome job the WTA does for everyone that hikes the trails and never considers the hard labor and time volunteers devote to keeping the trails what they are all year round. I give you and Gary a big thumbs up. And now I know you are both glad you went to college and do not have to work at a job that requires a shovel lol.


  2. This is great! I’ve been considering going out to volunteer but never knew what I’d be in for or what types of maintenance were expected. Now I’m more motivated to look into it. Thanks!


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