Wildlife Wednesday 07/19/2016

Last week I took my teenage nephew on his very first backpacking trip where I chose Shi Shi Beach as our destination.  We spent the second day of our trip exploring the tide pools near Point of the Arches.  As we were searching for a picnic spot for lunch, we noticed a bald eagle flying along the shoreline fighting with another smaller bird.  After the eagle landed on one of the rocks near us, we made our way closer to try to get a better look.  When we had a better sight of the eagle, we noticed feathers flying around it and realized it was preparing to enjoy its’ lunch as well.  While it isn’t the most clear image, the eagle can be seen sitting at the top of the rock tearing at the smaller bird with it’s beak and feathers flying all around it.

Bal eagle

Bald eagle, Shi Shi Beach, Olympic National Park, WA

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