AZT Re-supply Plan

The most frequented questions I receive once I start discussing my thru-hike on the Arizona Trail are about food.  Does that mean you will be carrying all of your food on your back?  Yes.  Isn’t that really heavy?  Yes.  Are you crazy?  YES!  How will you get more food while hiking along the trail?  Re-supply boxes.

I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to carry 2 1/2 months worth of food on my back.  Even if it was possible, why bother when you can re-supply along the way.  While I won’t be carrying 70 days worth of food with me, I do plan to carry up to 8 days worth of food at times.  During my 800 mile hike, I will be shipping myself packages along the way that will include many important items; but most importantly – my food.  My boxes will also include things such as first aid supplies, toiletries, stove fuel, batteries, and Ziploc bags.

Luckily for me, there are many hiker friendly locations along the trail that will accept and hold packages for Arizona Trail thru-hikers.  Here is my re-supply plan and the locations that I will be shipping boxes to:

Mile 52.8:  Patagonia, 3/30 – I will have a re-supply box in my aunt’s car, who will be hiking the first 5 days with me.

Mile 119.6:  Colossal Cave, 4/5 – Colossal Cave Mountain Park, 16721 E. Old Spanish Trail, Vail, AZ 85641

Mile 206.6:  Oracle, 4/14 – Chalet Village Motel, 1245 W American Avenue, Oracle, AZ 85623

Mile 264.9:  Kearny, 4/20  – General Kearny Inn, 301 Alden Road, Kearny, AZ 85137

Mile 345.9:  Roosevelt Lake, 4/27 – Roosevelt Lake Marina, 28085 N AZ HWY 188, Roosevelt Lake, AZ 85545

Mile 440.1:  Payson, 5/6 – LF Ranch, P. O. Box 796, Payson, AZ 85547

Mile 464:  Pine – THAT Brewery, 3270 N HWY 87, Pine, AZ 85544

Mile 537:  Mormon Lake, 5/16 – Mormon Lake Lodge, 1971 South Mormon Lake Road, Mormon Lake, AZ 86038

Mile 569.3:  Flagstaff, 5/19 – A friend will be picking me up to spend a night or two off trail.

Mile 690.6:  Grand Canyon South Rim,  5/29 – Grand Canyon Post Office, General delivery, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

If you are interested in sending a small package to me during my journey, make sure the package contains my name and an anticipated arrival date.

re-supply address

AZT Re-supply location, Colossal Cave Mountain Park

If you are hiking the Arizona Trail this year or have hiked it in recent years, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my re-supply plan.  This is my first thru-hike, and I’ll take any advice you’re willing to share.  Happy trails!

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