AZT – Boxes, Boxes, and More Boxes

I finally arrived in Arizona earlier this week and have been packing like crazy for my thru-hike on the Arizona Trail.  I arrived at my aunts’ house to a pile of various packages (most of them from Amazon.)

Packages piled up for AZT re-supply boxes.

It took a few days, but I have turned the pile into 10 neatly organized and packed re-supply boxes ready to be shipped and delivered throughout the state.

AZT re-supply boxes almost completed.

I had the pleasure of hand delivering one box to an old friend yesterday while visiting Jerome, AZ.  It was a nice break from all the madness that comes from prepping for a long distance hike. I spent the afternoon having good conversation, and even managed to squeeze in a short hike.  This afternoon I will be shipping my first two boxes – one to Colossal Cave Mountain Park, and one to The General Kearny Inn.  This is all starting to get very real!

The first two re-supply boxes to go in the mail.

This is my first of many blog posts from my iPhone 6s. With limited resources during my adventure, and I’m sure as hell not carrying a laptop with me, I’ll be using my phone to blog along the way.  Next Monday, March 27 is go time!  I can’t wait for the journey that lies ahead.  Happy trails!

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